2016 – adventures in Scotland, Bulgaria and Australia

img_01592016 was the year I really fell in love with science, research, and academia. I’ve always been a big fan of universities, but in 2016  I found out I not only like going to uni, I also don’t really want to leave it anytime soon. Having a very positive honours year and getting to do awesome fieldwork and RA work afterwards made me even more sure that I want to do a PhD. 2016 was also the first year for which I didn’t have a set plan – mostly because I was too busy to make one – but also because I wanted to become better at adapting to uncertainty (e.g. where will I live next month?) and change. Although I often felt like nothing is happening, except models running and running, 2016 was actually full of meaningful, challenging, and inspiring experiences!

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My BES Annual Meeting highlights (2016)


Christmas did indeed arrive early – though I ate plenty of mince pies all through December, the real festive and jolly spirit didn’t hit me till the British Ecological Society Annual Meeting in Liverpool. 2016 was a great year for dreams coming true, one of them being presenting a talk at the BES conference. At the conference last year in Edinburgh, I thought that it is just so cool, and I made a wish to someday present myself. I tend to be rather impatient when it comes to achieving goals, this being probably the one time that I reached a target sooner than I thought I would. Continue reading “My BES Annual Meeting highlights (2016)”

Coding Club progress so far

2016 has been a great year for dreams coming true – one of them being getting the chance to teach! Back in November 2016, together with a great team of graduates, PhD and undergraduate students, and researchers, we launched Coding Club. Coding Club is a peer-to-peer learning community aiming to develop quantitative skills, in particular fluency in statistics and programming. Our goal is to turn statistics anxiety and code fear into motivation and inspiration, and we are working towards creating a supportive learning environment. Since it’s the start of a new year, and it is way too cold outside, I thought this would be a good time to reflect on our work so far.

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