A pdf version of my CV is available here.


2012 –  2016: BSc (Hons) Ecological and Environmental Sciences (First Class), University of Edinburgh, UK
2014 – 2015: International Exchange Programme (High Distinction), University of Queensland, Australia
2007 – 2012: IB diploma (French and Russian) (Excellent 5.99/6.00), Bilingual High School ‘Ivan Vazov’, Bulgaria
2011: Bird identification and monitoring course, Agricultural University Plovdiv, Bulgaria


University of Edinburgh Impact Award for Best Student-Staff Collaboration for Coding Club, an innovative peer-to-peer initiative promoting skills in statistics and programming
Highly commended talk at the Scottish Ecology, Environment and Conservation Conference (Are rare species more likely to be declining than common species?)

Elizabeth Sinclair Irvine Prize for the most distinguished graduate in Ecological and Environmental Sciences (£250)
Weir Prize and Harry Younger Medal for the best Honours dissertation in Ecological and Environmental Sciences (£200)
Best short presentation at the Scottish Tropical Ecology Meeting, Stirling
Edinburgh Award for Student Representation

Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence (University of Queensland)
Winner of University of Queensland’s Marine Nature Photography Competition

Edinburgh Award for STEM ambassadorship

Award for Top IB Diploma Results across the 2012 class (208 people)


University of Edinburgh Schools Fund to develop a strong academic community supporting statistical and programming fluency through Coding Club (£200)

University of Edinburgh Innovation Initiative Grant to coordinate Coding Club, lead workshops on programming and statistics and create online materials (£2,720)
Global Environment & Society Academy Innovation Initiative Fund to organise a full-day workshop on methods to quantify biodiversity change in April 2017 (£500)
Principal’s Go Abroad Fund for fieldwork at Australian National University (£350)


Daskalova, G.N. (2017) Out of sight, out of mind: conservation issues in the Australian Outback, BIOSPHERE 23, 17-24 (opinion piece, non peer-reviewed)

Daskalova, G.N., Phillimore, A.B., Perkins, A. J. Population Responses of Five Bird Species to 12 Years of Agri-environment Schemes in Northeastern Scotland. (in prep for Agriculture, Ecogystems & Environment)

Daskalova, G.N., Godlee, J.L., Myers-Smith, I.H. Are rare species more likely to have declining population trends than common species? (in prep for Oikos)

Myers-Smith, I.H., Grabowski, M., Bjorkman, A., Angers-Blondin, S., Assmann, J., Boyle, J., Cunliffe, A.M., Thomas, H., Daskalova, G.N., McLeod, E., McLeod, S., Joe, R., Lennie, P., Arey, D., Gordon, R., Eckert, C. Seventeen years of ecological monitoring reveals multiple lines of evidence for tundra vegetation change (in prep for Ambio)

Research experience

Nov 2016 – ongoing: Research assistant, Tundra Ecology Lab, University of Edinburgh

2015 – 2016: RSPB research collaborator (Population trends of farmland birds in Scotland in response to land stewardship policy)

University-based research projects:
•  Are rare species more likely to be experiencing population declines?
•  Fungal diversity in plantations and native forests, Scotland
•  Grazing pressure and rare plants in the Outback, Australia
•  Dietary preferences of sea hares (Aplysia dactylomela), Australia
•  Fragmentation and avian functional diversity in the Bunya rainforest, Australia

Conference presentations

Oral presentations
Apr 2017: University of Edinburgh Senate’s Away Day
(Innovation and experiential learning) (Isla Myers-Smith & Gergana Daskalova)
Apr 2017: Scottish Ecology, Environment and Conservation Conference, Aberdeen (highly commended)
(Are rare species more likely to decline than common species?)
Dec 2016: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting, Liverpool
(Population Responses of Five Bird Species to 12 Years of Agri-environment Schemes in Northeastern Scotland)
Oct 2016: Research School of Biology, Kruuk Group seminar series, Australian National University
(Landscape-contingent effectiveness of agri-environment schemes)
Feb 2016: Scottish Tropical Ecology Meeting, Stirling (awarded best short talk)
(Homogenisation of avian communities due to edge effects in a tropical rainforest)

Poster presentations
Mar 2016 National Student Research Conference
(Dietary shifts in sea hares (Aplysia dactylomela) maintain high coral reef biodiversity)

Teaching experience

2017: Scottish Ecology, Environment and Conservation Conference Workshop Co-Leader, Quantifying population change and visualising species occurrenceUniversity of Aberdeen
 Coding Club goes to Aberdeen and the Impact Awards: a blog post reflecting on the workshop
Aberdeen’s Study Group First Steps: a blog post by Francesca Mancini with whom we co-lead the workshop
2017: Geoscience Outreach Social Media and Graphic Design Workshops Leader, University of Edinburgh
•  Online tutorial and materials on how to use Adobe InDesign for science communication 
2016 – ongoing: Coding Club leader and workshop facilitator, University of Edinburgh
2015 – 2016: Gardening Club Agro-ecology and conservation teacher, Trinity Academy
2014: ProScience volunteer – ecology and evolution teacher, Trinity Academy

Fieldwork experience

Apr 2017 – ongoing: Field assistant, Phillimore Group, University of Edinburgh
•  Collecting data on tree and blue tit phenology along a latitudinal transect in Scotland
Aug – Oct 2016: Field assistant, Kruuk Lab, Australian National University
•  Collecting data on superb fairy-wren mating displays
 Fieldwork in Canberra, Australia:  a blog post written by me for the Principal’s Go Abroad Fund Blog
•  Superb fairy-wren fieldwork: a blog post by Gabriela Hajduk, the PhD student for whom I was working

Field courses:
Ecological Sciences field course (Oban, Scotland)
•  Collecting data on fungal abundance and richness
Outback Ecology field course (Idalia National Park, Australia)
•  Conducting surveys for long-term plant data sets and the impacts of herbivory
•  Monitoring crepuscular and nocturnal marsupials
Australia’s Marine Environment field course (Heron Island, Australia)
•  Collecting samples to conduct an experiment on sea hare dietary preferences
Rainforest Ecology field course (Queensland, Australia)
•  Transect surveys investigating the effect of fragmentation on avian functional diversity
•  Dawn chorus surveys

Wildlife monitoring experience (volunteer)
•  Platypus monitoring surveys
•  The Common Birds Monitoring Scheme
•  Midwinter Waterfowl Census

Outreach and science communication

Magazine articles and blog posts

BIOSPHERE Opinion piece
Out of sight, out of mind: conservation issues in the Australian Outback

Contributor to the University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog:
Good teaching – co-authored with Dr Isla Myers-Smith
Coding Club – a positive peer-to-peer learning community
GeoScience Outreach: teaching science communication ‘beyond the programme’ and outside of the ‘Ivory Tower’ – co-authored with Dr Isla Myers-Smith

Coordinator of EdGE – the EdEN discussion Group for Ecology
Theory, meta-analyses and stylised facts in ecology
The future of biodiversity indicators for conservation

Author of “Градината на слънцето” – a well-established blog about agro-ecology, traditional farming and natural history (in Bulgarian, over half a million views)

Science writer for “Момичетата от града” – a popular lifestyle website in Bulgaria (monthly audience over 100,000 people) for which I write articles twice a month.

The Triple Helix International Journal (writer)
Biomimicry: learning from nature
UK food waste and its implications for social and environmental issues

Community events

Trinity Harvest Festival – I organised a community event where children presented at a school conference and shared their agro-ecology knowledge with parents, teachers and friends.

PubScience Edinburgh – Presentation on farmland birds in the UK

STEM ambassador (interactive teaching of ecology and evolution)

Sustainability Summer School Leader (biodiversity teacher)

Professional Societies

Bulgarian Society of Protecting Birds
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
British Ecological Society
Royal Society of Biology