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Ecology Hackathon at Ecology Across Borders 2017

Written for the Methods in Ecology and Evolution blog


Our dream package – grabr!

Imagine an ecologist. Now imagine a programmer. Did you imagine the same person? If you were at the Ecology Hackathon on the day before the Ecology Across Borders (#EAB2017) conference in Ghent, Belgium (a joint conference between the BESGFÖNecoV and EEF), you probably did (or at least we hope you did!).

Qikiqtaruk Book Club based on Mark Vellend’s “The Theory of Ecological Communities”

This series of blog posts was written on Qikiqtaruk-Herschel Island in the Western Canadian Arctic as part of Team Shrub’s island book club, aiming to read and discuss Mark Vellend’s 2016 book “The Theory of Ecological Communities” while we are out in the field, right next to the communities we study.

There is particular charm in reading about a certain ecological process, be it high- or low-level, and then observing it in action moments later in the field.


Plant communities on Qikiqtaruk

Our book club discussions are summarised in four blog posts:

Team Shrub Blog

We are ecologists working to understand how global change alters plant communities and ecosystem processes. We work at focal research sites in Northern Canada and conduct data syntheses at tundra biome and global scales.

I regularly contribute to the Team Shrub blog – you can check out the Team Shrub blog for updates on our research, fieldwork and outreach.


GeoScience Outreach: teaching science communication ‘beyond the programme’ and outside of the ‘Ivory Tower’

Co-authored with Dr Isla Myers-Smith for the University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog


Coding Club: a positive peer-to-peer learning community

For the University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog


Good teaching – student and teacher perspectives from the Conservation Science course

Co-authored with Dr Isla Myers-Smith for the University of Edinburgh Teaching Matters blog


Why am I a scientist again? – The concept of a data present

Co-authored with Dr Isla Myers-Smith for Dynamic Ecology


Of rare species and men: is our obsession with rare species hampering conservation measures?

Written for the University of Edinburgh Conservation Science blog


The challenges of biodiversity conservation and the use of MARXAN as a decision-making tool

Written for the University of Edinburgh Critical Thinking in Ecological and Environmental Sciences Blog

Superb fairy-wren fieldwork in Canberra, Australia

Written for the University of Edinburgh Principal’s Go Abroad Fund Blog