Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists – The free self-paced online course I co-created together with Isla Myers-Smith and Sandra Angers-Blondin. Our course Data Science for Ecologists and Environmental Scientists runs continuously, so you can sign up anytime and learn from 16 core tutorials, 16 quizzes, 3 practical challenges and over 20 more tutorials available on the Coding Club website!

The Arctic’s Hidden Biodiversity – The research project I am leading supported by a National Geographic Early Career grant. Our goal is to discover the tundra’s hidden biodiversity – the species that are often missed by traditional small-scale monitoring yet might play a key role in shaping the arctic ecosystems of the future.

Team Shrub – The Tundra Ecology Lab at the University of Edinburgh where I am now a research assistant / data manager and where I will be a PhD student starting in Sept 2017! Check out the lab website to find out about the awesome research TeamShrub does that I am very happy to be able to contribute to!

Biodiversity and Behaviour – The research group of my PhD co-supervisor Dr Maria Dornelas, which aims to understand the causes and consequences of change in biological diversity.

Coding Club – Coding Club is a positive peer-to-peer learning community based at the University of Edinburgh. I am leading a highly motivated team of alumni, undergraduate and PhD students, and together we are developing skills in programming and statistics. Our mission is to replace statistics anxiety and code fear with inspiration and motivation to learn.

Geoscience Outreach – Geoscience Outreach is an innovative 4th year undergraduate course in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh aiming to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own science communication and engagement project.

Trinity Gardening Club – Trinity Gardening Club was my Geoscience Outreach project aiming to engage pupils with agro-ecology, sustainability and farmland conservation. You can find all the teaching materials I created on the website.

EdEn – the Edinburgh Ecology Network – EdEN is a multi-institute network of Edinburgh-based scientists with research interests in the field of Ecology.

Conservation Science – the blog for the 4th year Conservation Science course – there are lots of great student blog posts on a diverse range of conservation topics.

Conservation Science in Edinburgh – a group of researchers led by Dr Aidan Keane, based in the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh, aiming to benefit both the environment and human well-being by contributing new theory, evidence and practical tools for improving conservation interventions.

Critical thinking in Ecological and Environmental Sciences – the blog for the 4th year Critical Thinking course, where students lead discussions on classic and contemporary papers. This blog post on “Constructive criticism on citation classics” is a particularly great read!

Albert Phillimore Group – the research group of my honours dissertation supervisor, which focuses on the impacts of global change on species interactions and fitness. Check out the website for TrackATree – a citizen-science project tracking phenology changes across the UK, and the Phenoweb website – a research project aiming to understand phenology changes across trophic levels and how they vary across time and space.

HiLDEN (High Latitude Drone Ecology Network) – a network of high-latitude ecologists using drones to answer ecological questions. HiLDEN will share methods, techniques and expertise to improve the collection of drone remotely-sensed data in tundra ecosystems and to enhance the comparison of data in future.

Tundra Tea Bag Experiment – an international effort looking at decomposition rates in a warming world.

Making beautiful and informative posters using Adobe InDesign – an online tutorial I prepared for a workshop I lead for the Geoscience Outreach course.

Градината на слънцето – my Bulgarian blog, where I share tales of village life and rural wildlife